Company history

22-Oct-2022Strategic partners participate in investment and compound component cooperation plans
22-Sep-2022Ultra-high voltage (3300V~6600V) SiC research and development verification
22-Aug-2022GaN IC engineering sample test verification
22-Jun-2022Mass production of the first SiC MOSFET
22-May-2022Ultra small package (1.2x1.2mm) DC-DC
22-Mar-2022Mass production of the first AC-DC power conversion IC
22-Feb-2022Mass production of the first SiC SBD
20-Oct-2022Compound Semiconductor Laboratory Preparatory Office was established
20-Aug-2022Verification of ultra-high PF and high-efficiency multi-stage LED driver IC completed
20-Jul-2022Small package HV DC-DC (563)
19-Mar-2022Mass production of low static power step-down DC-DC
19-Feb-2022Mass production of low static power consumption booster IC
18-May-2022Mass production of the first load switch IC
17-Oct-2022Mass production of high-voltage ultra-low power consumption LDO
16-Sep-2022First MOSFET design put into production
14-Jun-2022Mass production of the first high voltage boost IC
14-Mar-2022Mass production of the first ultra-low voltage boost IC
13-Dec-2022Mass production of ultra-tiny package (1x1mm) LDO
13-Oct-2022Mass production of high voltage DC-DC with input overvoltage protection
09-Feb-2022Mass production of the first high-voltage DC-DC
08-Dec-2022White LED driver IC completed
08-Mar-2022Mass production of the first DC-DC
07-Mar-2022Mass production of the first LDO product